Getting Settled at UWO

Josh, just in from Australia, and I met tonight and in the course of the evening’s events I realized that I needed to post about where to go and what to do in order for you all to enrol yourselves. Once you are officially enrolled, you will then be able to register for classes, pick up your student ID and eventually your bus pass and health card.

When I enrolled, I took my study permit, letter of acceptance, and passport to SGPS. I went there about three weeks prior to the start of classes and just told the secretary that I wanted to enrol (or something else that was very general). She understood what I wanted to do and the whole process took about 5 minutes. I’ve been looking (for about 45 minutes) for some confirmation that this is still the case, but to no avail. I’m going to keep looking for something more concrete, and if I find anything I’ll be sure to post it. But I know for sure, you do need to show SGPS your study permit right away.

[Edit 8/19/11]: Alternatively, if you are not yet in London but if you have your study permit, then you may scan a copy of it an email it to Kimi Maruoka, She will clear you for enrolment. This information was provided by Melissa, another incoming student. You can read her comment below for more information. Also she provided a link to the student services website where you can upload a picture of your choosing to be used as the picture on your ID card. Again, go to Melissa’s comment for the details.

Here is some more general information that I found while was trying to find something on the enrolment procedures:

At the International and Exchange Student Centre (Western Student Services building, Room 2120), you can pick up your international student handbook and orientation folder. I’m sure that there’s a lot of useful information in this package.

Here’s a link to information regarding graduate student orientation. This is hosted by the Society for Graduate and Post-Doctorial Studies.

The International Student centre is also hosting an orientation, if you’re  interested. Below are the dates and the location:

Date: Saturday, September 10, 2011 Time: 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Location: Dr. David S.H. Chu International Student Centre, WSS, Room 2130

Here is a link to the relevant page at the Student Development Centre. They have a link to register for the international student orientation, but it appears to be dead at the moment.

In addition to TA training day, which was mentioned in an earlier post, there is also an International Student Teaching Assistant Training Day. In my opinion, this event was pretty useless. However, things might be different now.

Josh also had questions about the health plan as I imagine that many of you do. You will not have to pay anything to receive health insurance (UHIP). You will be enrolled in UHIP automatically and the cost of is already included in your tuition (and factored into your WGRS). Your UHIP cards will not be ready immediately. They’ll receive them throughout September and then send you an email once your card has arrived. You will then be able to pickup your card in the same place where you got your student ID, but this information will also be contained in the email. Go here for more information about UHIP.


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2 Responses to Getting Settled at UWO

  1. Melissa Jacquart says:

    Hi Amy and others!
    I’ve just been working on officially enrolling myself. Sandra has been wonderfully helpful so far, she let me know that to enroll I could simply e-mail a scanned copy of my study permit to Kimi Maruoka, . Kimi then recorded the details, cleared my admission condition, and activated me for the fall term. It took about a day to be able to have access to class registration.

    A question for you, Amy. I’ve figured my list of things to do the first week I’m in London: ID card and UHIP in rm 1120 western student service building, Bus pass once I get my ID card. But, in order to get my SIN number i need an employment contract. Is this something the department will provide each of us with? Or is it something we need to seek out for ourselves?

    Also, in case others haven’t found this out yet (I think its pretty awesome), you can upload your own picture for your photo ID card through student services

    • Amy Wuest says:

      Hey Melissa! Thanks for posting this! I’m going to update the post right now.

      It is pretty awesome that you can do that. I didn’t know about that when I first came to London so my picture is…um, interesting, lol.

      Anyway, this is all super helpful information! Thank you so much! 🙂

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